XIX International Scientific and Technical Conference


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The maximum length of the report is two pages.

Sample format fo the report

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Requirements for abstracts:

  1. The abstracts of the report are submitted in one copy in Russian or English in electronic form. The text of abstracts is executed in a text editor Word with the following settings: page format A5, top margin - 2.0 cm, bottom margin - 2.8 cm, left margin - 1.6 cm; right margin - 1.95 cm; line spacing - 1.1; font - Times New Roman, main text - 11 pt; paragraph indent - 1.25 cm; alignment of text borders - in width; orientation - portrait. Title of the report - 12 capital bold, alignment - center, surname (s) of the author (s) of the report - 12 italic bold, alignment - center; organization name (in brackets) - 12 italics, alignment - center.
  2. When typing formulas, the size (point size) should correspond to the size of the main text.
  3. UDC is printed in the upper left corner from the red line. On the next line, the title of the report is printed in capital letters, in bold type with center alignment. On the next line, the names and initials of the authors are printed in italics, bold, centered. On the next line in parentheses in italics centered on the full name of the organization. The next line and further contains the text of the abstracts of the report. After the text of the report are given: title of the report, authors, full name of the organization and annotation in English. Formatting is similar to the Russian version.
  4. Due to the publication of the collection of proceedings of the conference on the website of the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU, all abstracts of the reports will be tested for anti-plagiarism. The originality of the texts of the theses of the report should be at least 70%.